March Employee Spotlight: Clayton Darby | Morningstar Storage

Morningstar Storage isn’t just another self storage company. Our employees go above and beyond to help share our values in our stores and in our communities. In this installment of our Employee Spotlight series, we’ll introduce you to the energetic and hilarious Clayton Darby, Store Manager at Babcock Road Storage in San Antonio, TX.

The first thing you find out about Clayton Darby is that he’s a natural storyteller. The second thing you’ll notice is his enthusiasm for life, laughter, and the unexpected. We recently sat down with Clayton to talk a little bit about his experiences with Morningstar Storage and learn a little bit more about what drives his playful spirit—and his success.

On Joining the Morningstar Storage Family

If you ask Clayton how he found Morningstar, he’ll tell you that the credit belongs to his wife. In 2016, they made a huge move to Oklahoma City and needed to find a self storage facility to house their belongings. After becoming tenants, Clayton decided to take a chance and offer his help to the facility manager as a maintenance associate while also working in the office. During the training process, he ended up thriving and becoming a property manager right out of the gate!

Since 2016, he’s managed three stores, including the Babcock Road location, where he’s been since August of 2018.

Morningstar Storage Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX

Fitting In At Morningstar

Clayton’s biggest joy in being a part of the Morningstar Storage family is the ability to share his personality with others. “They let me be me,” he says with a smile. “I’m all about making smiles and helping people laugh.”

Clayton operates his store under that very philosophy, something he’s carried with him since he was a kid. As a former sheriff’s deputy who has worked in the community as well as correctional facilities, he knows just how important—and contagious—a good attitude can be.

That joy extends into what he sees as his superpower: telepathy. Unlike comic books, however, his isn’t the ability to read minds. It’s all about having a “sixth sense” to know how to improve someone’s day.

Giving Back to the Community

The most surprising thing about storage, he says, is just how much it can really help people in times of need. He is deeply focused on helping community members and organizations via Morningstar Cares and being empathetic to others.

“When you spend your time in law enforcement, that’s something you really focus on,” he says. “It’s not about money, it’s about doing things to make people’s lives easier. And storage is really the same way. Running this store makes me feel like I’m helping people out by taking stress off of their back.”

Surprising (and Unsurprising) Facts

A self-described “adrenaline junkie,” Clayton is a former rodeo cowboy who used to ride bucking horses and bulls, and one of the main reasons he says he entered the police force was his desire to “drive fast without getting in trouble and to chase people.”

When we ask him what kind of wild animal he would be if given the option, he chuckles. “Everybody wants to be the lion or the tiger,” he says, “but I’m all about that monkey life. They’re graceful, caring, and nurturing—and they like to have a lot of fun, too.”

When he’s not working to help our customers, the number one priority is spending time with his family. He’s a big college football and basketball fan who loves catching games whenever he can, but family comes first.

Favorite Professional Advice

When it comes to professional advice, Clayton stresses that you should never, ever be satisfied—but also to remember that everyone puts their pants on the same way. Although if he’s being honest, he has tried to jump into things (including pants) with both feet at once. That’s how he ended up with Morningstar, after all!

Advice for Potential Morningstar Employees

Morningstar Storage Employees

If you’re thinking about joining the Morningstar Storage family, Clayton’s advice is to join the family and jump in. “You get to be you. Not one person here is alike,” he says. “We’re all different in this company. As long as you can express your personality positively and help other people, you’re good!”

Want to join Clayton? We’re always looking for dedicated, positive employees to help make a difference in our customers’ lives and communities. Want Clayton to help you find the right storage unit to meet your needs? Give him a call or visit him in in-store today.

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