Our COVID-19 Response | Morningstar Storage

To our Morningstar family,

As we’ve learned to adapt our business in the wake of the pandemic, we feel it is important to continue to share with you what we’re doing to keep our customers and staff healthy without interrupting the quality of our service. Our mission at Morningstar has always been to take the stress out of storing and we remain committed to supporting you in every way we can through any extenuating circumstance. After nearly 40 years providing clean, safe and secure storage solutions, we’re no strangers to assisting our customers through life changes, so rest assured that we’re prepared to assist you through this one. Here’s how:

Virtual Service: We are continuing to offer remote service and assistance through phone, email and our enhanced live chat feature to accommodate all of our existing in-person or digital services and processes (reserving and renting units, making payments, etc.)

Contactless In-Store Experience: When you visit our locations, you can expect a “no touch” environment, guided on property by dedicated signage with the ability to virtually contact our staff at any point for help through your mobile device.

Health Best Practices: Exceptional cleanliness has always been a core value at Morningstar and we are exceeding our standards with amplified sanitization to maintain as safe of an environment as possible.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns or recommendations for what else we could be doing to make our customers more comfortable. Community shines brightest in times of crisis and we’re grateful to have you as a part of ours.


Dave Benson, CEO
Morningstar Properties, LLC