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Tips for Using Self-Storage for Real Estate Staging & Interior Design »

As a real estate agent or interior designer, you understand the pivotal role that actual space plays in creating a functional yet visually appealing environment. And when it comes to managing inventory and staging properties, interior designers and real estate agents tend to face the same issue: space. There just never seems to be enough … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Orlando, FL »

Looking for a new place to call home? Have you ever considered Orlando, Florida? This city in central Florida is home to quite a few theme parks, and yet it is only about an hour away from the beach.  Moving to Orlando, Florida, can be an exciting adventure. Whether you’re drawn to the magical allure … Continued

Summer’s Here – Climate-Controlled Storage is a Must »

It’s getting hot around here, isn’t it? For many of us in the United States, the summer season has really started heating up. Historically, the summer is also the time of year when many families (like 70%!) embark on the moving process, especially between Memorial Day & Labor Day.  There are a lot of reasons … Continued

Self-Storage is Your Seasonal, Clutter-Free Solution – All Year Long! »

Self-storage is always a help when it comes to storing items you’re not currently using — that’s why so many people depend on our facilities to keep their spaces as organized as possible. Whether you’re in the process of moving, heading off to college, leaving for deployment, spring cleaning, or remodeling a part of your … Continued

Embracing Green Living with the Help of Eco-Friendly Self-Storage Solutions »

In a world where environmental consciousness is becoming more and more important every day, incorporating new sustainable solutions into different aspects of life has become more of a necessity than a desire.  Even in the realm of the storage industry, there’s a green revolution underway. Yes, that’s right — self-storage continues to play a significant … Continued

Have You Considered Using Self-Storage as an Airbnb or VRBO Host? »

Are you knee-deep in managing your short-term rental properties and constantly on the lookout for new ways to streamline your hosting operation?  Managing a short-term rental on Airbnb or VRBO is no small task. There are plenty of logistics to juggle around renting out your personal home, and the last thing you want to worry … Continued

A Spring Cleaning Checklist to Start Fresh in Your Storage Unit »

As the weather starts to turn, and warmer days arrive, it can be tempting to start cleaning up and organizing all the different areas of your life. Typically, spring cleaning means digging into long-forgotten closets and tackling those overdue projects. But, just like every other facet of your life, it’s equally important to keep your … Continued

Top Home Remodeling Trends to Try in Houston, Texas »

We’re sure you’ve heard it before, the fact that everything’s bigger in Texas — which is why it’s no surprise that the city of Houston continues to grow bigger and bigger every year. Thanks to the city’s elevated food scene, high concentration of museums and cultural events, and overall urban sprawl, more people are entertaining … Continued

Pros & Cons of Using Warehouse vs. Self Storage for Your Business »

When it comes to finding a place to store the important elements of your small business, you’re typically faced with limited options. Depending on the size of your business right now, you might be getting by with any extra space you’re finding around your home, like a garage, basement or attic storage area. But as … Continued

Spend a Perfect Day in Charleston, South Carolina »

Welcome to the oldest, largest city in the state of South Carolina. First known as “Charles Town” in honor of King Charles II of England, Charleston is located at the inlet of the Atlantic Ocean where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers meet. The city is full of rich history, almost acting as a living museum … Continued

Ultimate Guide for a Seamless Winter Moving Experience »

If you asked anyone what the best time of year is to make a move, it’s not likely that they’d respond with “winter”. After all, no one wants to move when it’s the dead of winter — especially if they’re moving to or from a place that’s prone to nasty, inclement weather. But there are … Continued

Check Out These Home Remodel Trends in Atlanta »

It’s no surprise that Atlanta real estate is hotter than ever before — its booming city continues to grow more and more every year. And Georgia’s charming state capital has so much to offer its residents, including green spaces, walkability, and one of the more affordable big cities to own real estate.  Since the city … Continued

Here’s How These Small Businesses Can Utilize a Self Storage Space »

Thinking about moving your small business into a space that’s bigger than your home office, basement, or detached garage? For many, a self-storage facility is the answer. These dedicated spaces offer a variety of amenities and services that can help your small business to unlock new levels of growth — all at the right price … Continued

Take This Quiz to See What Storage Unit is Best for You »

Do you have a storage need but are unsure what type of storage unit you should be looking into? Let us help you narrow it down with this easy, four question quiz!      What situation is the closest to what has you considering a self-storage unit right now? I am launching my small business … Continued

Three Steps to Help You Reuse Baby Items with Self-Storage »

It’s not just all those dirty diapers that are putting a strain on our environment these days. Did you know that more than 183 million pieces of children’s clothing end up in the landfill each year? And with 90% of the toys on the market being made of plastic, it’s no wonder this is the … Continued

Check Out These Volunteer Opportunities in Baltimore, Maryland »

Whether you’ve recently moved to the Baltimore area, or you’ve called the city home for many years, there’s no time like the present to get involved with some of the local initiatives, non-profits, and charitable organizations in your community.  If you’re ready to branch out and see how you can lend a helping hand, our … Continued

Five Ways Self Storage Helps You During Those Big Life Transitions »

Life Transitions Come in All Shapes and Sizes There are so many periods in life where things — circumstances — can change, leaving you and your loved ones in a new stage of life. These situations can be overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting. But they can also be very exciting! But no matter what life may … Continued

Top Tips for Your Big Move to Baltimore, MD »

So you’re considering moving to Baltimore, Maryland. But, like any big move, there are a lot of factors to consider when trying to decide what location to call home next.  Baltimore — also nicknamed Charm City in reference to Baltimore’s history and hidden charm — has a population of 575,584 people, making it the largest … Continued

Tips for Keeping Your Storage Unit Clean and In Order All Year Round »

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find something when you need it. This can be compounded when it comes to your storage unit, which, if not properly maintained from the first day, can start to look like a dumping ground for all of your not-for-everyday-use things.  But don’t despair! Getting your storage … Continued

Here’s How to Do Your Spring Cleaning the Green Way »

“To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes you have to pick up other people’s trash.” – Bill Nye Spring is a magical time of year. Everything seems to wake up from its long, winter slumber, and sprout to life in a matter of days. For many, the brighter and warmer days inspire … Continued

Using Self-Storage to Keep Family Heirlooms Safe & Secure »

Whether you’re a big fan of PBS Network’s Antiques Roadshow or are tasked with acting as your family’s archivist, it’s very common to accumulate some fragile and especially precious belongings that require special handling and storage.  In most instances, storing these items requires more effort than just keeping a few boxes tucked away in your … Continued

Your Guide to Storing a Car or Motorcycle in Self-Storage »

Do you have a vehicle — whether that’s a car, a motorcycle, or even something larger — that is in desperate need of a better storage solution? There are a variety of reasons why you’d need to consider better storage options for your car, truck, or motorcycle.  For one, if it’s not being used frequently, … Continued

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Military Storage Solution »

Here at Morningstar Storage, we understand that both active military and their families are required to move around frequently to follow new base assignments or get deployed. Moving under any circumstance can be an exhausting task, particularly if it’s happening on a somewhat regular basis. That’s why Morningstar Storage is dedicated to making things that … Continued

Self-Storage Solutions for Your Next Great Adventure »

When it comes to storing your bulkier gear, finding dry and damp-free areas is the name of the game! The worst thing you can do for your outdoor equipment is to have it kept in a humid spot, where moisture can build up and cause mold and mildew to grow. That’s why many adventure enthusiasts … Continued

Five Ways a Storage Unit Can Boost Your Small Business »

Small businesses are the backbone of our country. In fact, Forbes reported in 2022 that 99.9% of all businesses across the United States are small businesses. But just because there are more than 33.2 million small businesses across America, it doesn’t mean that running one is so simple. In fact, being a small business owner … Continued

A Clutter-Free Storage Solution for the New Year »

It’s the new year — which is coincidentally the perfect time to start things off fresh in your home. After all, it’s right after the holidays, where you’re more than likely to have watched an influx of new things migrate into your home during gift-giving season. And clutter can be exhausting to live amongst.  A … Continued

So, You’re Thinking of Moving to Oklahoma City? »

A Comprehensive Moving Guide to OKC   It didn’t get the nickname “Big Friendly” for nothing, Oklahoma City (also often abbreviated down to OKC) is just that — a great, friendly place to call home. This major metropolitan city is actually on the list as one of the 14 U.S. cities that have added more … Continued

Top Tips to Properly Storing Your Furniture »

When it comes to big life changes — whether that be adding a new family member, heading off to college or across the country to take on a new job, or moving to a new place — there are enough overwhelming logistics to consider. That’s why many opt to store their larger items in a … Continued

The Perfect Moving Guide to Birmingham, Alabama »

Over the past ten years, the population in Birmingham, Alabama, has grown exponentially. Today, the “Magic City” has a population of more than 200,000 people, and more than 1.1 million residents throughout the metropolitan area, making it the most populated city in the state of Alabama. Thanks to the rise of the industrial revolution, Birmingham … Continued

Check Out These Volunteer Opportunities in Birmingham »

“People coming together as a community can make things happen.” – Jacob Rees-Mogg As we head back to school and march towards the upcoming holiday season, you might be considering donating your time, energy, or a financial contribution to some of the incredible organizations who are located right in your backyard. If you’re lucky enough … Continued

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Self-Storage Unit »

There are a lot of reasons you may need a storage unit. A home remodel project, summer break during your children’s cross-country university, or just in need of more space in your home to welcome a new family member, are all reasons you might be on the hunt for a self-storage solution.  But there are … Continued

Your Comprehensive Moving Guide to Bryan-College Station Area »

Often called the Brazos Valley, BCS, or Aggieland, the Bryan-College Station area exudes Texas charm, making it the perfect place to nickname the Southern Hospitality Headquarters. It’s comprised of equal measures small town living and big city ambitions, all packed into a thriving community that highly values education.  Bryan-College Station are twin cities in the … Continued

Business Spotlight: HolographiX Playwear »

Did you know there are lots of people running businesses out of their Morningstar Storage units? It’s an unlikely location, but with heated and cooled units, package acceptance, and a secure space, lots of people are finding success using this as their business location or office! We’ve previously interviewed Tony Evans, Founder and CEO of Fit Storybook, … Continued

Consider These Pros & Cons to Renting a Storage Unit »

There are a lot of reasons you might be considering a self-storage unit these days. A lack of space in your home or apartment, a need to temporarily store your items while you’re on the move, or to keep your growing small business’ inventory organized and out of your home are all valid reasons you’re … Continued

Consider Working with these Non-Profits in the Dallas and Fort Worth Areas »

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you” — Mother Teresa Did you know that volunteers often help keep doors open and enable non-profit organizations to continue delivering their vital programs and services to the community? That’s right — so many non-profits around the world … Continued

Seven Smart Moving Tips for the Summer Season »

Did you know that, historically, the summer season is the best time of year to move homes? In fact, 70% of all moves in the United States tend to take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. There are a lot of reasons why this might be the case. For one, the school’s out for … Continued

The Ultimate Moving Guide: Houston, Texas »

Depending on who you ask, you might hear the names Bayou City, Space City, or even Clutch City. But to those who reside in Houston, Texas, the main thing they call this beautiful city is “home”.  As the largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest city in the United States, Houston is well known for … Continued

How to Properly Store Your Wine Collection »

Is there anything worse than opening up a bottle of wine that you were very excited to try, just to find that it somehow spoiled overnight? After all, wine can come at a higher price point than some of the other adult beverages on the market — and it’s also one of the more precarious … Continued

What Size Moving Truck Do I Need? »

Anyone who has ever participated in the moving process knows that it’s a complicated endeavor. Not only are you expected to pack up your life within a few cardboard boxes, but then you have to figure out the logistics of moving said belongings from Point A to Point B! From packing boxes all the way … Continued

Great Non-Profits to Get Involved With in Houston, Texas »

If you live in the Houston, TX area, there are a variety of non-profits you can get involved with — whether that’s dedicating time, financial contributions, or other methods of support! Here is a list of a few non-profit partners that Morningstar Storage works with in the Houston area, as well as some ideas to … Continued

Top Ten Reasons to Love Living in Charlotte »

When visiting the largest city in the state of North Carolina, it’s pretty easy to see why so many people are actively deciding to call Charlotte home. After all, it’s a thriving city, full of arts and entertainment options, sporting events, job opportunities, and overall great quality of life. With more than 911,700 people living … Continued

Here’s What You Need to Know Before Moving to Charlotte »

Whether you’re looking to join the thriving workforce in the second-largest banking city in the United States, hoping to relocate to a centralized city right in between the mountains and the coastline or want to head Uptown on Sundays to cheer on the Panthers at Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, North Carolina, is the perfect place … Continued

Making a Complete Checklist for Your Next Big Move »

We get it: moving can be a very overwhelming process. It can feel like there are a million and one things that need to get done before the big day, and figuring out where to start is half the struggle! What should you pack first? Who do you call to schedule day-of movers? Is there … Continued

Great Non-Profits to Get Involved With in Charlotte, NC »

If you live in the Charlotte, NC area, there are plenty of non-profits that you can get involved in. We have compiled a list of some of the non-profits our stores work with here in the area, as well as ways that you can get involved! Non-Profits that Help Women & Children Baby Bundles Founded … Continued

Business Spotlight: SoCo Swings »

Did you know there are lots of people running businesses out of their Morningstar Storage units? It’s an unlikely location, but with heated and cooled units, package acceptance, and a secure space, lots of people are finding success using this as their business location or office! Last month, we interviewed Tony Evans, Founder and CEO of Fit … Continued

Business Spotlight: Fit Storybook »

Did you know there are lots of people running businesses out of their Morningstar Storage units? It’s an unlikely location, but with heated and cooled units, package acceptance, and a secure space, lots of people are finding success using this as their business location or office! Over the next few months, we’re going to highlight … Continued

The Storage Edit: Three Ways to Get Organized In Your Storage Unit »

Last year, Netflix dove headlong into the ideas of “tidying up” and identifying things that “spark joy” with the streaming sensation Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. This short series, based on Kondo’s book, focused on decluttering your home and only  keeping things that make you happy. Now, there’s a (relatively) new series with many of … Continued

Do I Need a Moving Truck? »

If you’re moving, how do you determine when to rent a truck and when to just ask a friend for help? Learn how using our rental truck can save you money and time.

How Do I Know How Much Space I Need? »

You know you need storage, but you’re not sure how much storage to get. We’ll help you figure out the right amount of space for your budget and belongings.

Self Storage for Empty Nesters »

Maybe your house feels a little too big now, or maybe you need extra space to take up a new hobby. Self storage is a great way to downsize and declutter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I pay? Can I pay online?

    We have several ways that you can pay, and they are all FEE FREE! Online, by phone, in- person, or auto-pay. We strongly suggest using the ACH Autopay method. It safely and automatically transfers your payment directly to us for an always on time payment from your checking account on the first of every month. If you wish to pay online, you will need to create an account with the original email you used to reserve your unit, as well as your unit number.
  • Do you prorate in and out?

    Absolutely! We do not want you to have to pay for any days in the month that you’re not storing with us! For instance, if you sign your lease on the 11th of the month, your first payment is only for the 11th through the end of the month. On your move-out, we only ask that you give us a 10 day notice and that you vacate no later than the 15th. If you abide by those two easy rules, we will refund you for the entire second half of the month!
  • Do I have to stay a certain amount of time?

    At Morningstar you are never locked in to a long term lease. Stay as long or as little as your needs apply. We offer month to month leases with prorating in and out.
  • Do I need Insurance?

    If it’s worth storing then it must be worth protecting! We offer low-cost coverage for most of life’s mishaps for as little as 40 cents a day. So, even in the unlikely event that you will ever have a claim, it’s comforting to know that the coverage that we can offer protects your belongings in transit on the way to our facility, and there is never a deductible.
  • Do you require a deposit to hold a unit?

    We do not require a deposit to hold a unit for you.

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