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If you asked anyone what the best time of year is to make a move, it’s not likely that they’d respond with “winter”. After all, no one wants to move when it’s the dead of winter — especially if they’re moving to or from a place that’s prone to nasty, inclement weather. But there are quite a few perks you may not have thought about for a winter move. 

For one, it’s considered the “off-season”, which means rates are going to be less expensive with moving companies who find themselves with more time on their hands. And, for that same reason, they’ll often be more flexible with scheduling which means you can more than likely get things moved within your ideal timeframe. 

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And, let’s be honest — if you’re reading this guide, then chances are you’re already planning a winter move. So we’ve put together a complete guide to help you maximize your moving strategy and get you and your family settled into your new home before you know it. 

Be as Flexible as Possible

We all know how unpredictable the weather can get anytime after November. That’s why it’s very important to stay as flexible as possible during the moving process. Do what you can to prepare ahead of time — get things packed up, move what you can into storage if it’s not needed immediately, and plan for the unexpected at every step of the way!

Check in With Your Moving Company

You should always check in with your moving company a few days ahead of your move to make sure things haven’t somehow changed — and this is especially important during the winter where things like the holidays pop up every few weeks. Depending on the weather day-of your move, you may want to call ahead to make sure you’re still on. 

Clear Walkways & Driveways

It gets very slippery and icy during these frigid months, and it’s essential that things stay clear while your team is moving things in and out of the home. You wouldn’t want any of your items to get damaged — or worse — for someone to get hurt. And ice can be invisible, so don’t think that just because you don’t see something means it’s already clear as can be. Thoroughly shovel away any snow, break up ice, and sprinkle salt to ensure the slippery patches are gone for good. You’ll also want to clear an area in your driveway so the moving truck can back up as close as possible for a straight-shot back and forth from your home. 

Prep Both of the Homes for the Move

You’re obviously going to spend some time getting your current home packed up and ready for the day of the big move, but let’s not forget about your new home. If you’re able to access it ahead of time, make sure it’s clean and ready to be moved into. Set up your utilities well in advance too, so you don’t wind up freezing any pipes in your new place while you’re in limbo. 

But remember — the day of the move-in, turn down (or off) your furnace because it won’t be working very efficiently with so many people going in and out of your front door all day long. 

Keep Important Items & Your Winter Gear on Hand

Before you pack everything up, be sure to take all your winter gear — hats, gloves, scarves, boots, coats, and everything else that your family will need to stay warm while in transit — and keep it in an easy-to-access area of your home. 

Another thing to consider is where you’re going to store important or expensive items like electronics that are sensitive to the colder temperatures. Keep those items aside from what goes into the moving truck, so it doesn’t stay out in the cold for a prolonged period of time. 

You may want to pack an overnight bag with all of your essentials to have on hand the first night in your new home so you’re not struggling to get through boxes to find a toothbrush or a warmer jacket.

Protect Your Things from the Weather

If you’re responsible for packing up your own things, you’re going to want to weatherproof them a little extra. There’s nothing more dangerous to the integrity of your furniture and precious items than moisture, so keep everything packed up tight, especially if it happens to be snowing! Wrap furniture with plastic wrap, pack what you can in tote containers that will stay dry, and keep towels on hand to wipe off things that accidentally get wet. 

→ Morningstar Storage Pro Tip: Here’s a helpful checklist to ensure your next move goes as smoothly as it can. 

Add in Extra Time

Whether you’re packing up the moving truck yourself, hiring a whole team to facilitate the move, or relying on friends and family to get the job done, it’s crucial that you add more time than you think you’re going to need. For one, the days are shorter in the wintertime, so daylight hours are precious. You’re going to want to start the moving day as early in the morning as possible to maximize on the sun. 

If the weather takes a turn, you’re also going to want to build in more travel time so as to not rush on the drive. Take it nice and slow, and make sure everyone is safe the whole day through!

Let Morningstar Storage Help

Whether you’re going to be traveling in between permanent homes or you need time to wade through your belongings before unpacking the lot, Morningstar Storage has the perfect solution. Our storage facilities offer many of the best amenities and features available on the market today and help to take the stress out of the moving process entirely. From climate-controlled storage units, easily-accessible storage spaces with same floor or elevator-friendly access, to free rental moving trucks, 24/7 unit access, and an experienced team always ready to lend a hand, Morningstar Storage is here to help you get situated in your new home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I pay? Can I pay online?

    We have several ways that you can pay, and they are all FEE FREE! Online, by phone, in- person, or auto-pay. We strongly suggest using the ACH Autopay method. It safely and automatically transfers your payment directly to us for an always on time payment from your checking account on the first of every month. If you wish to pay online, you will need to create an account with the original email you used to reserve your unit, as well as your unit number.
  • Do you prorate in and out?

    Absolutely! We do not want you to have to pay for any days in the month that you’re not storing with us! For instance, if you sign your lease on the 11th of the month, your first payment is only for the 11th through the end of the month. On your move-out, we only ask that you give us a 10 day notice and that you vacate no later than the 15th. If you abide by those two easy rules, we will refund you for the entire second half of the month!
  • Do I have to stay a certain amount of time?

    At Morningstar you are never locked in to a long term lease. Stay as long or as little as your needs apply. We offer month to month leases with prorating in and out.
  • Do I need Insurance?

    If it’s worth storing then it must be worth protecting! We offer low-cost coverage for most of life’s mishaps for as little as 40 cents a day. So, even in the unlikely event that you will ever have a claim, it’s comforting to know that the coverage that we can offer protects your belongings in transit on the way to our facility, and there is never a deductible.
  • Do you require a deposit to hold a unit?

    We do not require a deposit to hold a unit for you.

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