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We’re sure you’ve heard it before, the fact that everything’s bigger in Texas — which is why it’s no surprise that the city of Houston continues to grow bigger and bigger every year. Thanks to the city’s elevated food scene, high concentration of museums and cultural events, and overall urban sprawl, more people are entertaining the idea of calling the Bayou City home.  

Since this city has such a vibrant appeal to both families and professional individuals alike, it only makes sense that so many are deciding to integrate a new and unique style into their homes with the help of some DIY and renovation projects of all shapes and sizes.

Today, we’re looking at some of the most popular remodeling trends across the Houston area — from Tomball to Katy to Humble, both inside and outside the Loop. Here’s what we’ve discovered.

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Opt for Big, Open Spaces

You may think that open space concepts are a dying trend, but it’s safe to say that is not true in many cities, including Houston! There’s a freedom that comes with being able to make dinner in your kitchen while easily conversing with your guests as they mill about your living room. And for growing families, the ability to keep an eye on little ones regardless of where they wander off to in the house is essential. 

And unless a wall is load-bearing, it can be a fairly easy DIY to do to your home — and the results are immediate. The area will look brighter and bigger in an instant and can help make your home the ultimate hosting house. 


Invest in Curb Appeal that Speaks Volumes

Have you ever driven past a house and thought to yourself, “I have no idea what the inside of that house even looks like, and yet I absolutely love it?” 

Curb appeal is a strong motivating factor for many homeowners. In fact, 92% of realtors highly recommend improving a home’s curb appeal before putting it on the market. 

And these renovation projects don’t need to require a massive undertaking or a huge budget. A fresh coat of paint, an updated railing or porch balcony, and some spruced-up landscaping will improve your home’s overall look immensely. Even spending an afternoon power washing the siding of your home or your driveway to brighten it up can make a world of difference!

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Imagine Smarter, Greener Homes

In an ever-connected world, upgrading your home to be just as smart as you are (or, let’s face it, maybe even a little smarter…) is a no-brainer! Not only will smart home technology allow you to manage your home remotely or automatically, but it can also help you to make greener choices that will in turn minimize your carbon footprint.

Smart appliances like washer machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators are energy-efficient and will minimize water and energy waste every cycle. Similarly, smart thermostats will help you to lower your heating and cooling bills and can help you to use only the energy you need when you’re around, versus running your system 24/7. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to smart technology. Here are a few other easy integrations you may want to consider in your next smart home reno project:

  • Smart lighting
  • Smart shades
  • Smart water sensors and leak detectors
  • Voice assistant technology
  • Home automation systems
  • Integrated speakers
  • Smart security systems

Embrace Rich and Vibrant Tones for the Home

Gone are the days of sad beiges and muted grays. Today, homeowners are embracing a wide variety of shades, particularly those rich and deep in color. These fresh colors, paired with a revival in board and batten, crown moulding, and wainscoting, have a way of totally transforming a room from bland and boring to elegant and luxurious. 

paint swatches

Whether it’s painting a single wall a bold statement color or infusing multiple colors that seamlessly complement one another across an entire floor of living space, people aren’t afraid to experiment with a variety of earth and jewel tones in Houston. 

Hide Unsightly Appliances in Their Own Space

Ever heard the term “appliance garage”? This kitchen-based architectural choice rose to fame in the 1980s and 1990s, before falling to the “open shelf concept” that was all the rage just a few years ago. These storage spaces are exactly what they sound like — little wooden “garages” with slotted pull-down doors for “parking” those smaller appliances you’re not using every single second of the day, like blenders and toasters.

Now that minimalism is back in, people are ready to hide their much-loved appliances in these hideaway nooks — but without the kitchen remodel pricetag. Thanks to popular brands like IKEA, you can DIY this project all by yourself in no time!  

Biophilic Design to Bring the Outdoors Inside 

Biophilic design, or the approach to design that seeks to connect those inside with nature, seeks to incorporate things like natural lighting and ventilation, and natural landscape features like plenty of houseplants for creating a more productive and healthy living environment for people. 

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This home trend isn’t just pretty to look at: research has found that incorporating houseplants into your home brings a ton of benefits along with it, including allergy relief, mood-boosting and stress-reducing capabilities, increased humidity in the air, and air purification. Even just adding a handful of plants to your home decor can have some pretty powerful results!

Morningstar Storage Can Help During Your Next Home Remodel Project

These home remodeling trends in Houston, Texas reflect a city that embraces innovation, functionality, and style. From the preference for big, open spaces that foster togetherness to the emphasis on curb appeal that leaves a lasting impression, Houstonians are redefining the aesthetics and functionality of their homes. 

Regardless of how long your next remodel project is going to take, Morningstar Storage is always here to help. With multiple locations throughout the greater Houston area — including Tomball, Katy, and Humble — our team of dedicated storage experts can help to keep your things safe and secure while you create the home of your dreams. Let’s talk

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