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Is your Christmas tree up? Ours is. We love the holiday season and decorating for it. But if there’s one thing that isn’t fun about holiday decorations, it’s packing them back up into cardboard boxes held together with duct tape (and prayers). If you’re into decking the halls with holly and rooms full of reindeer, think about elevating your holiday storage options. When the time comes, use these fantastic tools to stay organized and bring them to your nearest Morningstar Storage location to keep your closets free of clutter.

A Reusable Tree Storage Bag or Box

Cardboard boxes may be one of the best moving, packing, and storage inventions of all time, but for bulky items like your family’s artificial Christmas tree, they leave a lot to be desired. As soon as the tree comes out of the box, it’s never going back in the same way. That’s where a reusable Christmas tree bag comes in.

A good storage bag will have a zipper, straps to help hold the tree’s branches down, and wheels for ease of transport. As an added bonus, many Christmas tree boxes and bags will be made of water-resistant canvas—perfect for basement storage.

Ornament Boxes and Dividers

Instead of reusing the same original plastic boxes or blister packs for your Christmas ornaments, consider a canvas box filled with dividers. Whether your bulbs are made of fragile glass or pet-resistant plastic, a reusable box can keep them organized by color and safe from damage should the packaging get crushed.

Over the Door Wrapping Paper Organizer

This one isn’t just great for holiday gifting. By buying an over-the-door wrapping paper organizer and putting it in a spare bedroom closet, you’ll never have to solve the mystery of where to find tape, scissors, and paper for impromptu gift giving, weddings, or birthdays. It’ll be close at hand but out of the way.

Transparent Tubs and Totes

In addition to being water resistant, transparent plastic tubs and totes are a great option for storage. Although we’re suckers for clearly labeling boxes, you’ll never have to ask, “What’s in the box?” when you close the lid on clear containers for your larger decorations.

Extension Cord Reels for Lights

What’s worse than tangled holiday lights? A lot of things. But in the moment that you’re trying to untangle them, not much. Whether you want a dedicated extension cord reel and bag for your holiday lights or plan on reusing an existing one from your garage or shed, keeping your string of lights carefully wound will make putting them up so much easier next year. If only there was an easy way to figure out which bulb went out.

Storage Units for Holiday Decor Storage

Even if you buy special storage containers for your holiday decor needs, you’ll want a great place to store them. Instead of cramming them into closets or stuffing them under the stairs, why not use the convenience of a self storage unit to free up space in your home? At Morningstar Storage, we’re pros at finding the right amount of room for your stored stuff, from vinyl records to collectibles. Drop by your nearest location today and find out why some added storage space is the best gift you can give yourself this year.

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